General sales and cancellation conditions

The agency, Karana Travel Services Private Limited, STB registration 199706046D, located at 102A Depot Road #16-661 Singapore 101102 is considered as a technical organizer and responsible for the land arrangements management of the trip. It is the sole interlocutor for any questions, modifications, dispute and all contacts after your reservation. Contact preferably by email:

Article 1 – Rooms availability

The selected hotels are committed (unless otherwise stated) to provide the rooms from 3 pm on the day of arrival. The rooms are to be released between 11 am and 12 noon, depending on the hotels, on the day of departure. Any extension of the checkout time can lead to the billing of an additional night at the displayed public rate. The Client must generally present to the hotel reception upon check in, a credit card as guarantee for extra expenses that may incur during their stay. Without this credit card guarantee, check-in could be refused by the hotelier.

Article 2 – Payment

Reservation is made as soon as travellers pay a deposit through the payment link communicated by email, once the quote has been accepted. The Client accepts that his bank data will be used by Karana Travel to make payment as soon as the services are confirmed.
For a reservation of more than 30 days from the date of departure, the deposit amount is 30% of the total amount of the invoice price.

Article 3 – Cancellation

The invoicing being made on the basis of the services ordered for the entire trip duration; the Client is invited to pay specific attention to the cancellation conditions listed below. The cancellations and modifications of the entire or part of the initial reservation must be sent by email to

  • Are considered to be cancellations: a change of date of the stay/trip, the decrease in the length of the stay/trip, the decrease in the number of reserved rooms or people, the outright cancellation of the stay/trip.
    In case of cancellation, compensation charges shall be invoiced:

  • Up to 90 days before the Client’s arrival -> no cancellation fees, only administrative costs calculated according to the work performed
  • From 89 to 60 days before the Client’s arrival -> 20% of the amount of the invoice price or the prorated portion
  • From 59 to 22 days before the Client’s arrival -> 50% of the amount of the invoice price or the prorated portion
  • Less than 21 days before the Client’s arrival -> 100 % of the amount of the invoice price

These cancellation conditions, depending on operational imperatives, can be reviewed and the agency undertakes to inform the Client by email. In the event of a no-show (cancellation without notice), the agency will with-hold all amounts paid as compensation charges.

Article 4 – Overbooking

In the event of an exceptional rooms non-availability by the hotel establishment or in the event of force majeure, the agency will do its best to find alternative accommodation of at least the same category with same type services, the inherent costs to the transfer or to a possible tariff difference remaining the responsibility of the agency and without the possibility of any additional compensation.

Article 5 – Force majeure

Cancellation compensations shall not be applied or be suspended in the event of force majeure at the place of the stay/trip or in the city where the stay/trip takes place: attacks, war, official political declarations, natural disaster, fire, flood, strikes, etc. – All parties will have to implement all efforts to prevent or reduce the effects of a non-performance of the contract caused by a force majeure. The party wanting to invoke a force majeure cause will have to immediately notify the other party at the beginning and at the end of this occurrence.

Article 6 – Transport

It is specified that the agency does not provide any service linked to the means of displacement of participants from their country of departure to the country of arrival. It is therefore in no case to be held responsible for the problems linked to the displacement of the participants (flight delays and/or cancellations etc).

Article 7 – Personal Data

Constitutes data, for the application of this article, any information or set of information relating to a natural person identified or who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference of an identification number or of one or more specific elements which is/are used by the client and/or by the hotel (hereinafter referred to as the Parties). The parties undertake, throughout the duration of this contract, to comply with the applicable regulations relating to the protection of data, with regard to the use, processing, storage, transmission, correction, deletion and/or the communication of any data communicated within the framework of this contract. The parties undertake to implement all these security measures which must take into account the more or less sensitive nature of the data. The parties undertake to use this data in all fairness and for the sole purpose of this contract.

Article 8 – Modification of the General Conditions of Sale

These general conditions of sale may be modified at any time. In this case, the agency shall send the client the changes by email before the commencement of the services. From then on, the new version of the general conditions of sale will take effect between the agency and the client.

Article 9 – Applicable law and disputes

This contract is governed by Singaporean law. Any dispute between the parties relating to the interpretation or execution of this contract which could not be settled amicably will be brought before the competent courts of Singapore. In the event of a dispute, the undisputed amounts due must be settled on the due date.

Article 10 – Election of Domicile

All written communications between the parties must be sent to the agency by email with AR:, and for the client to the address or email contact indicated in the booking file.